Are you “Ideal” or “Real”?


Are you ideal? Not in terms of physics or personality just in general.
The answer to the above question is very simple. Let’s take the example of Matrimony Websites. They as for characteristics in a person in such a manner as if they are looking for a smartphone. Like a person should be 5.5ft. He/she should have good values. They need a fair complexion they need the perfect one. They use this saying we want an ideal girl/boy with these characteristics.

From our childhood, we have been looking at these matrimonial advertisements but this adolescent stage my vibes tell me to prove it wrong ( all credit goes to our T.V. serials ). So the moral of these examples is perfect that ideal everyone has their own flaws. Have you ever seen a person being perfect and everything? Dint spend time worrying about being perfect. Everyone has flaws and that’s the beauty of life.

Once, I was just browsing what weight for an ideal girl should be. So to my surprise, there were 6 different images of the same girl with varied weight. How confusing it is. Later got to know that it differs from county to county which was funny though. What do you think of whom should be considered as an ideal one?

Perhaps those imperfections, the one you think are flaws are really the best thing about you. Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on your flaws, look in the mirror and appreciate your best features, everyone has them.
Often its been seen people around you expect you to be the ideal one and will be cribbing about it again and again and every step and if you expect the same they cannot handle it.

Source: The scene is taken from Queen Movie.

Everyone had flaws, that is undeniable, but we can choose to see past our flaws and see the beauty that we each hold inside of us. Flaws are your unique point.

Don’t live up to other’s expectations for being the so-called ideal one. If you are not happy with what doing in order to become an ideal person then like being fake in your own eyes. You will be like Farhan Qureshi the character in the Bollywood movie 3 idiots before becoming a photographer.

It’s fine to ignore other’s expectations and show the best of you in your own way. Everyone is supposed to do mistakes, has to face failures in order to enjoy the success ahead after those mistakes and failures. Our life is full of Ups and Downs. Without downs, the ups would be nothing. You’re not going to always say and do the right thing and that’s fine. You’re not here to be perfect, but to be real.
Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity- Will Smith

So what do you think are you “Real” or “Ideal”.



    • W. Trupti 28 October, 2019 at 13:21 Reply

      Thanks for your reply Shweta 🙂 yor are right, if we are real, we will honest to our life and automatically it will make sense of living life 🙂 and again thanks for reading my article 🙂

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