Career or Love? Which one you will choose?


Which one you’ll choose if someone gives you options like, Things that you have in your “Mind” or the things desire you have in your “Soul”. It is about two very influential keynotes of our existence. Oh My God!!! Isn’t it like looking for a way-out between “How to survive?” and “How to live”? Let’s make it simple.

Career or Love?

Different mind contrasting logics, analytical and philosophical answers you’ll find. But you’ll find the two most common answers. One which is realistic and others that is emotional. The realistic mind will say “I’m not going to live the same life again” so for now, the carrier is important. So let’s move on. The emotional heart will say “I’m not going to live the same life again” so love is more important, so let’s stay together.

But in today’s materialistic world where your realistic mind wins with some bonus points but at somewhere love creates its own importance. Lady Gaga says “Remember, Your career will never wake up and tell you that is doesn’t love anymore” and yes it is true. The career should be on top priority whether He or She both have their ambitions and they have to work harder for their meaning of existence. And yes in today’s competitive world where your standard is judged by your capital and through the talent you have. Talent gives you the opportunity to grow. So do not leave it. Because money is not everything but it is needed in further life.

And if talk about Love

And if talk about love, true love never holds you back it will always encourage you. They know your efforts and they also have seen dreams in your eyes, they will act as a guide, motivate you in times of failure and will wish you to achieve more goals in your life.

All in this hassle and settlement period were from childhood everyone influences you to realize about “How to focus on goal”, they will be always ready for career guidance and will seek for career opportunities. But regarding love, we haven’t found a solution on our own. Like the difference between love and attraction. Is it true love or just an attraction.

Finally in sweet and simple terms. It is like a weighting scale you have to balance it along with your mutual understanding. Some times it might get very difficult for you to hold on to love and carrier at the same level but if you have strong support from both the end then it’s not so difficult. And this makes your love more mature and strong. Furthermore, one day you will have your pride moment in front of your eyes that you have accomplished your goals and respected each other’s goals. You need to win through a tough time and make it triumph and then you will be with your perfect partner and achievement trophy holding each other hands in tour future journey of yours. So it is conceivable “career with love” and not “career or love.”



    • Trupti Warjurkar 7 March, 2020 at 15:58 Reply

      Thank you so much for reading my article. You said right that thoughts can be differ from each other and if “Love” is a part of attraction then automatically time comes to “Move on”, but if feeling is real and if your partner is understanding then all things will get easy and then “Carrier”and “Love” both are possible, This is main moto to share my thoughts through this article. Thank you for sharing your thought and keep reading my article.

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