“Happy Women’s Day” to all women. You know what there are numerous vocable to describe you. From our childhood, We are called by our pseudo names like “Choti”, ”Gudiya” till our adolescence. As we reach our “HAPPY DAYS” (Menstrual Days) then sudden change from “Gudiya” To “Aurat”, ”Choti” To “Nari”(i.e, Girl To Women) expected.

A woman who is being who gets ready for society’s expectations wants to be more understanding, self-sacrifice and mature. Despite being “strong” and “independent” society expects that your self-respect should be a second thought.
But What Women exactly want is important. We want to be treated “Equal” instead of saying “Ladies First”, We want to be “Uniform” rather than giving ”Ladies Special ” compartments. We want to feel safe with you “Men” instead of giving “Ladies Seat”. We want to treat equal instead of treated as “Special”, We wish to be treated as “Humans” instead of worshiped as “Goddes Durga”.

Because we know we are strong and we know “How to make amongst all odds”. So, Today I am sharing stories of those incredible women who are inspiring many women around the world.

1. Sindhutai Sapkal (Mother Of Orphans)

From the homeless mother of a girl child to “Mother Of Orphans”. I am writing about “Honorable Sindhutai Sapkal ” from India. She wanted to pursue her education but due to family neglence, she was forced to marry 20 years old man at the age of 9.

When she was expecting her fourth child, she forced out of the house and gave birth to her daughter in the cowshed in an unhealthy condition, Thereafter she had to beg for her living with her newborn child.

As days passed she started taking care and begged on behalf of other orphans. In recent times, She fondly called “Mai” (Mother). From scrap, she built her empire for other orphans who are now one of the biggest families in India consisting of 1400 members.

2. Liz Murray (Homeless To Harvard)

A journey of a kid from “Streets” to “Harvard University”. Against all hurdles and becoming America’s known inspirational speaker from New York, USA. Her every journey is inspiring.
She kept her parent’s promise who passed away due to HIV that she never will give up. She returned to High School became an “A” grade student and she never told that She is “Homeless” until she wrote an essay about her journey and won a scholarship for Harvard University. And while studying she helped people by motivating them through her journey which is inspirational for every person.

3.  J.K.Rowling (Queen Of Magical Words)

For being known as the author of the ”Harry Potter” series, She faced many difficulties before seven years of her first novel to be published where she lost her mother, gave birth to her first child, got divorced and lived in poverty due to unemployment.
But she never gave up. After rejection from twelve publications, her novel was published and “Rest Is History”.
After being the first author billionaire, She never forgot her roots And she donated 160 million dollars to charitable organizations.

4. Olivia Lum(Breadwinner To “Forbes”)

An adopted underdog and a daughter of an illiterate mother, She was forced to be the sole breadwinner of her family at the age of 9. At the age of 16, She headed to Malaysia for further studies at only $15.
She completed her studies by tutoring and doing sales jobs, Then she joined “Glaxo Pharmaceuticals” And At the age of 26, She left the job of comfortable position and founded her own company “Hydrochem(s) Pte .ltd” which is now known ”Hyflux” and became “Singapore 27th Richest Person” listed by “Forbes”.
She is the best example of “Self Belief” because she is “Risk-taker” And never gave up on her goals.

As we see, There are no obstacles or challenges which can stop women from chasing her dreams and achieving their goals. Because of her strong mind and willingness, nothing can stop her.

5. Muniba Mazari(Iron Lady Of Pakistan)

After getting married at the age of 18 years and after two year of unhappy marriage, She met with an accident and faced multiple injuries which put her on wheelchair where she was said that “You wanted to be an ‘Artist’ but now you will not be able to hold a pen and draw” but she never gave up and drew her first painting on her deathbed. It was not enough again she got to know she had lost her motherhood which divested her and she decided that she will adopt a child and never stop painting and later she became “National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan”.
She also inspires women around the world conveying about ”How To Overcome Your Fears One-By-One ”.


बालिका अहं बालिका नव युग जनिता अहं बालिका
नाहमबला दुर्बला आदिशक्ति अहमबिका

(I am a girl, I am a girl of modern times
I am not feeble or powerless,
I am  “Adishakti”,
I am “Ambika”)



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      Thank you so much Payal and Happy Women’s Day to you. Keep reading and keep motivating me.

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