Hey best friend, lucky to have you


This article is on the beautiful and most sacred in its own way a relationship which does not include any rules and regulations which is emotional but not orthodox. Full of fun but with never-ending care. Cute bullying but concerns respect too. Distinct minds but strong understanding. A thin boundary but limitless support.

According to 90% of the folk’s mentality, this kind of relationship does not exist but the rest of them who are living this kind of relationship is the luckiest one.

The relationship where happiness is shared in abundance without any expectation or terms and conditions to it. It is the most honest and unbreakable relationship. Yes and the relationship which consists of all of the above features is friendship. The friendship between a girl and a boy.

But a boy and a girl can really be best friends?

According to our Bollywood movies a girl and a boy can never be best friends but if you think in reality this can become best friends and this relationship does exist.

Friendship is the purest relationship amongst all the relations plus if you have a precious best friend then you are that stage of in your life where even sorrow is lived to the fullest. Having a girl’s best friend and boy best friend is like living every moment when they are with you. They are very important in your life.

If a girl has a boy’s best friend to whom she shares her feeling without complicating or errors or lying. With whom she feels safe and trusts in every step. Who makes sure that be it any situation he will always become her strength. Who acts as a friend, brother, father a guardian and every possible role in her life. Who supports her on her every trembling step. Likewise, if a boy has a girl’s best friend he trusts his emotions to her. He shares every joy and sorrows with her and knows that she will never deceive him. It doesn’t mean that their relationship is more than friends.

In this puzzling world, this kind of relationship does exist which is far beyond restrictions and pre-defined tags. The friendship like ‘Hermione’ and ‘Harry Potter ‘. Who had discrete opinions but always supported each other in every path of their life.

No matter what happens, No matter the distance. Even if you don’t tell them your emotions or problems just by your voice or eye they can predict about it. They are the ones who give true meaning to this line that is “ I am always there for you”.

This relationship is the eternal gift in the life of a girl or a boy. You should be always proud of it. Society never understands this relationship but people who live in this relationship survive against all the comments and criticisms.

.     “Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kenhna “ which simply means that people never mind their own business and always have to say something thing or the other.

It’s this relationship that always stands firm even with lots of flaws. They are best friends forever.



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