We have heard so many times for women empowerment people saying that women are strong they are brave-hearted etc.etc.

In-country like India we celebrate women like a goddess on occasion of Navratri as Symbol of Power. In schools and colleges fancy dress competition we proudly dress-up our daughters like the great Jhansi ki Rani Laxmi Bai but do we teach our daughters SELF-DEFENCE like goddess Durga who killed Mahishasur and great Laxmi Bai who fought for her self respect for her people and for her kingdom.

Due to recent shameful incidents happened we teach our sons to respect girls that’s fine but don’t you think we should also teach our daughters SELF-DEFENCE first. This is the most important change in this society who knows in the future there are no girls facing such shamefully brutal things.

Before it’s too late for the next arrival of bad news like Rape Molestation “Me too” moment happening again or people start accusing the girl victim about she not taking precautionary steps or before women empowerment starts decaying we must learn SELF-DEFENCE for our own safety. Why depend on others for our own safety. It’s for those men to know that for so long women have been heard or believed Your Time is Up. We have to reach the level where nobody has to say #Me-too.

This will be a real help from woman to woman. So, it will be true respect for our dear Dr. Priyanka Reddy. So, let’s start, A small initiative makes bigger changes.

There is always a brighter morning after every darker night.

तु चल विचल नभ सी
(You are like the strong unstable sky)
धरा धरा गगन सी
(Like infinite earth and atmosphere)
नदी, सागर, लहर सी
(Like river, sea, wave)
तु शक्ति, बुद्धि, भय सी
(You are like power, intelligence, fear)
तु सुर, वाणी, लय सी
(You are like melody, voice, and rhythm)
सौंदर्य, भक्ति, जय सी
(Like beauty, devotion, and victory)
ममता, प्रेम, ध्वनि सी
(Like affection, love, music)
कठोर कोमल हृदय सी
(Like strong and innocent heart)
अजेय-अनंत गूढ़ सी
(Like invincible-infinite secret )
नारी है तु अद्भुत सी
(You are “Amazing” woman)

Source: Golden Globe awards (Oprah Winfrey)



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