If not now, then when?

boy overcome depression

If you do not plant the seed into the land it automatically fills the land with unwanted grass. Similarly, if you do not fill positive notes in your mind, automatically negative thoughts will crop up..!!

If fertile land is not cultivated in time obviously it will be filled with unwanted plants. The same applies to your thoughts, If you’re your mind is not triggered with positive thoughts then automatically your mind will be layered with negative thoughts for inactivity is the enemy in all scenarios.

If your mind is accumulated with a lot of bad thoughts and self-pity it will lead you to depression. Yes, my friends, this article talks about depression. It is the most discussed and highly suffered amongst the youth. So what exactly depression means and what factors lead you to the path of depression is its comparison of your life and others, Society standard, self-pity or self-expectations?.

The main factors causing depression is self-expectations and self-pity. They have always played a major role. Self-pity is the worst possible emotion that anyone can have. It destroys everything around it except itself. Thinking over one thing again and again always drowns you deeper where the chance of saving yourself if a little difficult.

Depression has also one side which leads you to have low self-esteem. You might also think that you are only unfortunate living being creature living on this planet it is funny but that’s the truth. Those childhood horror stories heard from grandparents now seems funny and stupid same goes with depression once you get out of it you’ll realize how stupid it was. Life is a beautiful gift given to humankind, why we should be cribbing about some things which earn you nothing and waste the precious moments of your life which can be a treasure towards eternal peace. All you need is positivity around you. “A positive attitude gives you power over circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you”.

If not now then when you’ll get over it?

मंजिल है तेरे सामने
Dreams are in front of you

क्यू डरता है इतना
Why are you so afraid

बस कुछ लम्हों की बात है
Just matter of moments

सिर्फ खुद से मत हारना
Don’t just lose yourself

जिंदगी है खुद्की तेरी
Life is your own

किसी और की देन नही
No one has right on it

बस चलेगा सिर्फ मेरा
You can only rule it

बस खुद पे करले यकीन
Only believe in YOURSELF


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