Let’s crack the fear

overcome fear

What is the fear? The most disturbing and cribbed question by the common mind is like “What our elders will say?” Or “What our society will say?”.

The most generally dread topic amongst the youth is “OMG, you are still single, you don’t have an ideal carrier”, you don’t earn enough. Etc.

Mr. Dale Carnegie once said, “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind”.

And yes it ignored truth by most of us. Let’s look back some of our childhood memories where we used to get frightened from the silly things like, from dongs and cats and the common one cockroaches as if they are going to kill you. But now when it comes to the dogs and cats we love them.

Is fear stronger?

Let me tell you a short story about a middle-class student. During her childhood days, she was always passionate about dancing and writing. But being a 90’s kid there was a phase where “Engineering” was in trend. The dilemma which even she had to face against her choice. The unbearable pressure and fearfully environment created around her by parents and the society which forced her to select the field of engineering which resulted in repeated backlogs fake campus selection and unwanted depression. After some time she realized about the choice she had made against her will. The moment of realization gave her the courage to take a stand for herself in society and amongst her family. She overcame all her fears and became independent and stopped leaving on other’s expectations.

I have learned that fear mostly prevails in our generations. The generation we call as Youngistan and indeed we need to understand that expectations should motivate us not to torture us.

The great teacher Chanakya once said. “As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it”. and yes it works.

In this world, for every problem, there is an alternative solution to it. We get frightened because we mostly concentrate on our problems rather than concentrating on the solutions. If we concentrate on the solution and stopped focusing on the problems our fear of failure automatically goes away which will help you to be self-confident. It totally depends upon you whether to overcome your fear or let your fear overcome you.

I know it is not easy but it not at all impossible. Let’s try to become a hero in our own eyes. Let’s take a stand and promise yourself that not to lose the battle against your own fear. In the above story, the girl did the same and indeed she is leaving a happy life and looking up for the upcoming challenges. Failure is alway’s present at every step. If you face it you grow stronger in your life and indeed it shows the awakes the champion hidden in you.

Just remember you are not the only person struggling with fear. The only fear is that varies from person to person. People who overcome their fear are called to be champions who don’t end up falling apart and become flimsy.

It’s our time to decide whether you want yourself to be called as ‘Champion or flimsy’ just try and live the life of a Champion.



  1. Saurabh pardeshi 11 October, 2019 at 18:39 Reply

    Amazing article yaa…. You are and really amazing writer……Hope to see more such interesting articles soon……✌🏻

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