Marriage a bane at the age of 20yrs


A girl child is like a butterfly pretty to see but hard to catch.

Indian society which is evolving and getting influenced by the western culture so quickly in terms of lifestyle, luxury and culture.

It’s a girl…….!!!!!!Yes. ….!!! . When a girl child is born in western culture it’s full of celebration and joy but in case in India its oh!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!Its a girl ?????. The main factor causing this chaos is Marriage. Yes marriage which is always give first priority in girls life that education , passion and dreams are secondary matter. As soon as the girl reaches her puberty the society around start asking for her marriage.

Yes folks this topic is about the girl when she reaches the age of 20yrs. From the start of her teenage she is been reminded every now and then that soon she’ll be married soon so learn few things then not to aim high or to study more it is not necessary if then it’s difficult to find a boy for her. After marriage you’ll busy with house chorus so rest is not necessary.

After crossing the age of 25yrs and not getting married and focusing on her carrier that the girl has missed her golden period meaning she has lost her chance to find good and wealthy husband.

Actually in rural India there is a hoax in the minds of the people that if a girl is not conceived after age of 25yrs people say that if she had married at correct age this would have not happened and also mentioned that for every failure in girls life marriage is the only solution like an antivirus for every decease. Like seriously are we doing justice to her carrier and her future aren’t we making her regret about these matters in future?.

If she wants to do any extra courses then sometimes she has to choose the courses which will benefit her family in future . Parents start saving money for her marriage but not for her education. Even if the society is broad minded still if there is any problem in their relationship they’ll be asking the girl to adjust but not the boy.

According Government of India for a girl 18yrs is the legal age to get married but for a girl it’s an crucial stage where she gets to know herself properly choosing her carrier and the age of 20yrs she try to hold firm on her carrier.

Let her be independent during this phase let her decide for her carrier. Let this age to be taking carrier decisions not to take marriage decisions. Marriage does not decide about the happiness in your future. Marriage in just another stage in life. It is not so important until an unless you don’t have a proper carrier or your mind is not prepared for it. Its perfectly fine to get married when a girl is mentally prepared physically fit and financially strong instead of growing immature for the self the society. She should be able to choose her own soulmate.

So its very important for the girls to be like a butterfly pretty to see but hard to catch. So keep dreaming and stay young in heart.



  1. Shweta Ravindra Pawar 6 February, 2020 at 17:17 Reply

    Waw yr amazing I would like to thanks u that u touch this topic the best line was marriage is kind of antivirus for every problem 👌This Indian ‘s typical Mentality and their thoughts it’s really Strange…

    Good job Yr Keep it up

  2. Payal Selokar 8 February, 2020 at 02:58 Reply

    Awesome Article. I think everyone should think on that. Thanks for sharing with us. Every girl have the right to take her own decision. Every girl should be able to choose her own career and soulmate. Keep Inspiring and good job….👍🤘👌

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