Saree…..No Sorry, It’s My Pride….


Saree….. A beautiful elegant drape that turns you beauteous mesmerizing dreamy diva. A six yards apparel that fits every female and will make her graceful. Every Indian woman loves saree. Not only Indian women have a special wardrobe collection but also International ladies have special attachment towards saree.

Earlier days, Saree was a mandatory option after marriage and there was monotonous style but now there are enormous adorable styles and anyone can wear at any time. You can see “Magic Of Saree” in every fashion show, From “Manish Malhotra” To “Sabyasachi Mukherjee” and many more love to experiment on saree. And today I am going to share those brilliant women stories who are making their business through their unique idea for sarees and leading towards success.

1. Dolly Jain:(Magician Of Draping)

Dolly Jain

She is not a designer but when it comes to saree draping, the designer seeks help from Dolly. Here, Dolly Jain. A professional “Saree And Dupatta Draper”. A perfect example of the passion that turns into a career. Dolly was a housewife and it was compulsory to saree after marriage. And from that moment her journey goes on. She started experiments on “Sarre Draping”. She always gets compliments on her draping styles. As her journey continues, She was getting recommendations for celebrities. Now, she has a long series of celebrity clients including Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Isha Ambani and many more.

Her name is in “Limca Book of Records” for draping a saree in 125 different ways. Now she has increased that number to 325 for other records.On compliments, Dolly says ”They say making a woman happy is tough, And I did that. Every time, I practice draping sarees on a mannequin every day in the morning for the last 15 years just as a singer does “Riyaaz”.

2.Tia Bhuva(Fusion Of Comfort And Fashion)

Tia Bhuva

Whether you buy saree from “Fashion Street” or “Fashion Mall”. It’s “Expensive” Or “Pocket-Friendly”, It must be comfortable when you wear it. And Tia got the perfect hack for that. She has created “Silhouette” which we traditionally have known as “Petikot”. She has made it in a perfect way that every plate of saree looks stunning. With the help of Silhouette, she has invented enormous ways of “Draping Hacks”. From “simple Regular Saree” To “Saree As Lehenga”. She has created “Princess Saree Pattern” using traditional saree. And you will find it all comfortable to wear.

Tia is living in Toronto, She is married and a mother of a one-year-old child. She doesn’t have any professional training for draping. She always inspired from her mother draping style and she got an idea. She left her comfortable job and worked on it. And now, She is fashion entrepreneur, fashionista, model and many more. She has demand for “Silhouette” from all over the world and asks for more saree patterns. She is an inspiration for every woman because she believed in herself and took the risk and make success happens.

3. Chitralekha Das(Sujatra Sarees)

Chitralekha Das

“It’s never too late to live a dream” and Chitralekha Das fulfills this quote. Meet Mrs.Chitralekha Das, At the age of 60, She decided to fulfill her desire and she started “Sujatra Sarees”. She was a music teacher and for her, it took more than 30 years to grow a dream, She married Ex-Defence Officer and she has to live in different cities in India.

She has to attend every party in the Defence department but she did not have many saris at that time. So, She would cut up saris, mix and match to make a new one as she loves to wear different saris. And She always gets compliments on her creation. In 2015, Chitralekha’s family motivate to take her passion seriously after getting good responses from the “Saree Exhibition” where she has presented her designs. She started business formally with her brand “Sujatra”, After that, she never looked back. Among all difficulties and uncertainty, She crossed the path and now her creations are always on high demand.

4. Shanmuga Priya:(Unique Threads)

Shanmuga Priya

“There are some decisions which you took and have proud of it.” And Shanmuga Priya proved this. Her life was going well as an “HR Professional”. But she had to immediately quit her job after her beloved mother-in-law’s death. She has to take care of her son while her husband was in Delhi for work.

As she was a working woman and didn’t like to sit idle at home. Here she got an idea of selling sarees. She purchased sarees from local markets investing less than Rs.30,000.She displayed sarees at home. It became so stressful as she was not getting proper response. But she was not knowing that her idea will make her a successful “Business Entrepreneur”.

She clicked and share some pictures of her sarees and shared it in the “Alumni Group” on WhatsApp Group. And within a week, all stock was booked. In 2013, Priya understands that this kind of business is yet to catch up. She grabbed this chance and formed her line “Unique Threads”. After that, her journey is going on a successful path. Now, She is running he business through a network of 16 groups with 250 retailors and over 86,000 resellers. All running by Whatsapp and other social media platforms.

Shanmuga Priya never forgets to mention her inspiration, Her Mother-In-law who was selling sarees Door-To-Door to raise her children. This idea came from her.

As we see these women didn’t have any professional training, No “Lump-Sum” amount, No “Golden Age”. Now they all are successful and financially strong. There one “Idea” and “Love” for saree make them proud. Because they were believing their passion and grab the chance. Today, They are an inspiration to every woman who is chasing for there dreams. So, now onwards whenever you will wear saree you will say “Saree-No Sorry, It’s My Pride”.


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